Sentiment Analysis Symposium - Agenda
The next Sentiment Analysis Symposium will take place March 5-6, 2014 in New York. Please visit the main symposium page to learn more and to register.


The Sentiment Analysis Symposium program for Tuesday, October 30, 2012 is outlined in the agenda that follows. (Also see the pages for the optional October 29 Practical Sentiment Analysis tutorial and Introduction to Social Media Listening class.)

Morning Session -- Tuesday, October 30
8:30 am-8:40 am
Chair's Welcome: The Sentiment Spectrum
Seth Grimes, Alta Plana Corporation
8:40 am-9:20 am
Keynote: Sentiment Driven Behaviors; Sentiment Driven Decisions
(mouseover here for description)
Kate Niederhoffer, Knowable Research
9:20 am-9:45 am
Up Close and Personal: Social Media Insights and the Mind of the Consumer
(mouseover here for description)
Carol Haney, Toluna
9:45 am-10:10 am
Emotions Affect Markets in Predictable Ways
(mouseover here for description)
Aleksander Sobczyk, Thomson Reuters
10:10 am-10:20 am
Sentiment: Creating the Future
10:20 am-10:40 am Break
10:40 am-11:10 am
11:10 am-11:30 am
Using Sentiment Analysis to Make Net Promoter More Actionable
(mouseover here for description)
Bill Tuohig, J.D. Power and Associates
11:30 am-11:50 am
Amplify Sentiment by Measuring Impact
(mouseover here for description)
Barry Parr, Dow Jones
11:50 am-11:57 am
Using Social Sentiment to Track Real Time Public Opinion
Rob Bailey, CEO, DataSift
11:57 am-12:25 pm
Lightning Talks
Analyzing Weibo, the Chinese Twitter (mouseover here for description)
Ken Hu, Soshio

Dissipating Ambiguity: Direct Extraction of Sentiment from Social Networks (mouseover here for description)
Dr. Erin Olivo, SmogFarm

Analysis and Visualization of Social Media Content (mouseover here for description)
Tereza Pařilová, Masaryk University

Beyond Sentiment: The Next Generation of Social Intelligence (mouseover here for description)
Mike Moran, Converseon

Mining Big Voice of the Customer Data
Daniel Ziv, Verint
12:25 pm-12:35 pm
Building Sentiment Analysis on the Right Social Data
(mouseover here for description)
Chris Moody, President & COO, Gnip
Afternoon Session
1:30 pm-1:50 pm
Harvesting Mobile Micro-Slang
(mouseover here for description)
Jeannine Bartlett, Earley & Associates
1:50 pm-2:10 pm
Sentiment Analysis and the Consumer Genome
(mouseover here for description)
Vaidyanatha Siva, Infosys Ltd.
2:10 pm-2:30 pm
A Tailor-Made One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Sentiment Analysis
Diana Maynard, University of Sheffield
2:30 pm-2:50 pm
Assess and React to Market Situations Using Social Data
(mouseover here for description)
Liz Keck, American Cancer Society
2:50 pm-3:10 pm
Cisco's Integrated Sentiment Analysis
(mouseover here for description)
3:10 pm-3:40 pm Break
3:40 pm-4:00 pm
Google's Text Analytics War on Spam
Mike Moran, Converseon
4:00 pm-4:40 pm
Campaign 2012: The Voice of the Voter
Participants present their analyses of candidates and issues, one week before the November 6, 2012 presidential election. Who's winning the online/social sentiment race and Why? What tools and methods can help us hear the voice of the voter? Our speakers give us their takes.

Presentation cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy:

Fear and Loathing on the Social Campaign Trail (mouseover here for description)
Stuart Shulman, DiscoverText

Twitter, Politicians, and the Voice of the Voter (mouseover here for description)
Abe Kazemzadeh, University of Southern California and Graham Mackintosh, IBM

Getting Real(-time) with Live Polling (mouseover here for description)
Rishab Ghosh, Topsy Labs
4:40 pm-5:30 pm
Presentations and Panel --
Social Intelligence at the Social Centers: eBay, Twitter & Zynga
Twitter, eBay, and Zynga represent three social centers. Twitter invented and epitomizes high-velocity, high-volume, high-value social communications. eBay defined and defines social commerce. Zynga is the social gaming company. Representatives of the three companies will present and then participate in joint Q&A, moderated by social-media strategist and consultant Dr. Natalie Petouhoff.
Competitive Advantage
(mouseover here for description)

Sentiment Analysis for Brands on Twitter
(mouseover here for description)
Using Player Sentiment to Build Great Games
(mouseover here for description)

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